A kind smile, thoughts
and a sympathetic ear...
a few little words is all we can hear.
Reaching out but no one is there...
as we soon discover, ones we love do not care.

Our hearts were shortly filled with serenity and joy...
just to have it removed again is our usual ploy.
Kind hearts, mind and words are all we expect...
but soon and not forgotten we have to reflect.

Some happiness and joy were brought into our lives...
to be taken away unfairly now seem broken ties.
It's only a fantasy to want to be loved...
but in this condition, it's gained from above.
Just one more round of a considerate kind word...
would help us go on, please hear this dear lord.
our lives are so empty, endless and dim...
emotions were taken.......once again on a limb.

People enter our lives in the strangest fashion...
but they don't realize they hurt our compassion.
Pleading for help is so demeaning...
we need our friends back with a little more feeling.

Feelings of hurt is a sad situation...
as needing someone remains infatuation.
We only can dream of happier days...
but the wait seems endless, don't take this away.
We need someone special to handle our grief...
we know they are there......please rescue this lost leaf.

(c) Maureen B. Black
Now it's our turn to live
The time finally has come
Oh........we should realize
Since time is drifting by swiftly
And we know it can't stand still
As we once again will discover.
There's a voice softly calling
To us clearly from above
And time can only tell how it will be
And who will know the truth
Life should continue on its course
Only we shall find the way.
Don't look back
Keep on moving
No one cares about what you are doing
So ride on through the traffic of life
Yes....through the highway of life....

(c) Maureen B. Black
"Trying for Strength"
My heart was strong with joy and laughter
The mind was filled with peace....
The heart is no longer strong I fear
My hopes had to cease.

When will the ache in my soul subside
and love returns once more...
For it's those who stay at bay
Are the ones who close the door.

Feelings of sadness drift through our mind
We need a companion to fill the void inside...
Almighty with your strength and forgiveness
Are we not allowed some pleasures and kindness.

We brave each day with another battle to fight
We need our lives back before seeing the light
Give us some endurance and strength to go on....
For we've challenged quite a journey......
We can't be alone.

We only have some friendships
Which is a gift we cherish...
We are strong and humble most of the time
But dear Lord......please allow us more time.

(c) Maureen B. Black
"Flowing Tears"
Tears are flowing again...
Help me alleviate this pain.
Tears are dropping again...
Please make them subside.
Tears are increasing now...
Please listen and understand.
Tears cannot be controlled...
Your compassion is not there.
Tears will continue...
For now the pain is in my heart.
(c) Maureen B. Black


Confronted with storm clouds
lightning, thunder and rain
Beat on my window
it continues to stain....

Drops are forming
they fall like small tears
they're only droplets of water
and nothing to fear....

I'm warm by the fire
with pen in my hand
let the words keep flowing
so they will all understand....

My shepherd named Callie
lays peacefully along side
what dream is she dreaming
what goes through her mind....

Alone by the fireside
not as pleasant for long
please give me endurance
and try to remain strong....

The fire now crackles
but there is nothing to fear
only remembering special moments
brings on a small tear....

Is this now my fate
to write words from my mind
let it be then....dear Lord
I thank you.......You're truly too kind.

(c) Maureen B. Black
 ~~~THE LIGHT~~~
Why are these trees becoming so dim...
am I dreaming of something, not familiar, not grim?

Ahead a multicoloured field where wildflowers grow...
amongst a mountain stream which majestically does flow.

All wondrous forms of wildlife, true nature combined...
where am I...please tell me...I mustn't be blind.

Familiar faces are approaching and angels glowing so bright...
oh could it be...yes, I do believe...I've gone through the light.

My life has now ended and do not know why...
peace and tranquillity surround me...this time I won't cry.

   (c)  By Maureen B. Black