Glancing at the telephone what will I expect
It’s ringing will I obtain the party concerned?
No…. as expected.
Where are they when you demand much needed help
Not available…. is all I hear
When, where, why, how, who will be there to listen?
Help with the pain before it destroys me
Help with the pain before I lose control
Help with the pain so I may be able to walk
Help with the pain so I may be able to stand
Lend an ear before it’s too late.
All knowledge of these controlling factors seems in vane
The so-called specialists cannot perceive the pain
My life is worth something, do not maneuver this aside
For I have completed all treatments
To entitle me to withstand each day.
I need some quality medical care
Do you not understand progression?
When it accentuates to the point of no return
What more can I bestow on all of you
In order to make you see.
No one will return my calls
What am I expected to achieve
The shocking pain has interfered with my daily existence
It seems to remain indistinguishable
Please listen to your patient’s plea for help
You must perceive
For if positive treatments are unavailable as stipulated
You may undoubtedly learn that...
Perhaps you may contract these ailments one day….
Only then will you practice more thoroughness!

© by Maureen B. Black