The Beach Beckons

Alone on a deserted beach, I set out to qestion who I am
Why must I experience Asuch pain for years at a time
Can no one rescue me from my anguish...
Is there no one waiting for me?

Which pain is indeed greater, physical or emotional?
The heart and soul recognizes the difference.
Waves are now furiously breaking against the rocky shore
Splendid as my heart pounds and beats...

Purely to exist, solely to survive.
There is love pleading to set me free for someone...
Alas no one is enclosed in the distance.
My mind wanders to a land of peace, free of pain
Where I myself will escape to a greater spaciousness
Be allowed to exist and drift....NO...!
A life of enchantment!

Patience is a virtue who's characteristics I do not possess,
The waves are smoothing out toward the shore
Will my life be as that....and mend?
I look up to the heavens and plead for some relief
From loneliness and anguish.

I hear a voice softly "remarking"....remain determined
Do not stray for there are those that do love you
But some have yet to console you when you pray.
You're prayers will be acknowledged
I hear over and again.

I feel time is running shy for any chance of tranquillity
I am unable to help others... only through gentle words
My pain is too great in spirit and intellect
Physical pain I must accept, yet who will now accept me.
A tissue brushes against my face to absorb and dry a tear.

My guardian is secretly near at hand...
I sense his presence and attachment
I require some human consolation
To fill this cruel and defenseless void.

Can I not be granted some pleasures of life once again?
They were taken from me some time ago
I am willing to accept my fate...
Who, where, when will he be within reach for me?
It is my turn to rejoice.

While leaving the shore I revolve once again
The beauty of the moonlight and water steadily gleaming
Replenishes me with warmth.
Thank you for watchfulness,
Yes, I needed to hear your voice.
The mystical beach did not beckon me, it was you!

© by Maureen B. Black