My canine companion
along side me in tranquility dreams
My canine companion
from the beginning has unceasingly been devoted
My canine companion
senses the pain in my heart
My canine companion
perceives the sorrow in my soul
My canine companion
entrusts me with her life
My canine companion
is ever more present throughout this strife.
My canine companion...Callie you must know
Will always exhibit unconditional love.
I treasure my friend when all is lost
A companion as she is superior to most.
No complaining, whimpering, sighing I hear
If these sounds are caught it will ring through her ear.
The loyalty outweighs most humans I fear
As she comprehends from the pains of a tear.
So accepting it is sad to see her living on dreams
Just like her mistress,...hopeless it seems.
Joy only embarks while watching her play
As this gal once lived... that life now stays at bay.
My shepherd Callie will ceaselessly remain...
the best companion God everlastingly has created.

(c) Maureen B. Black


Poem for my Shephard, "Callie"