Clicking send and receive, send and receive
Is no one there at all, no one to hear?
So very quiet and gloomy all alone.
I am stuck in this abyss with no place to go.
I keep anticipating to hear "You have mail" or
the familiar musical ring,
But alas it does not happen... forsaken once again.
What shall I accomplish to maintain a sharp mind?
Refresh my web site or create a new poem for a brief time?
My dog pacifies herself adjacent my chair
I gape over to view her as in her dreams I only hope
they possess safety, peace and gentleness.
Myself, I have nightmares and I cannot hold them too dear
They are only reminders of some of the encounters
I have dwelled on and fear.
Why persist at present when no one is there
Just hoping I presume that someone will share.
Apprehensive to sleep as pain is imminent then,
Hence for what reason do I stay awake for an extended span.
No one beckons or comforts me at that interval,
Only my faithful dog who is bound all the while.
Someone, please someone cast me a message to read,
I need some company before I retire alone in need.
Needing some comfort, tolerance and a big hug
Would surely be adequate to allow peaceful sleep
as a bug in a rug.
How silly that cliche explains, but overly joyous it would be,
To observe someone know I love thee.
No need to inspect the mail but once more,
I presume everyone is asleep, Iíll just close my door
Before I inactivate the computer for the night
I will give one more opportunity to shine in some light.
No nothing it seems, I now have to admit,
Iíll secure my computer and say to myself this is it!
Only one extended minute again will I remain... one to behold, but everlastingly I forgive.

(c) Maureen B. Black