Please stop glaring I silently ponder to myself
Do you need proof and evidence of my pain
and physical inability’s…?
Wait…just wait there and keep mirking,
don’t stop....
While I pull up to the privileged parking space.
Are you ready, I am too…the car is at a halt…engine ceases
I am prepared to open the car door.
Are you still watching?
I slowly and calmly swing myself over to exit the vehicle
And glance over to check on my meddler…yes he is still in view.
Hold on… don’t walk away now!
I have something to demonstrate for you.
I reach for my cane, my placard already in view
Which seems to carry some belief.
My peer still in focus turns ‘round one more time.
I’m barely moving can you not comprehend?
I’m barely walking…can you not omprehend?
I’m in pain with each stride can you not comprehend?
Can you now envision the pain in my eyes?
Can you now envision the pain in face?
Can you now envision the pain in myself?
Is it not quite evident for you to believe at what you have witnessed?
Are you not satisfied at your bewilderment?
you can refrain from glaring…
for you are a Doubting Thomas no longer!
© By Maureen B. Black 1999