--by Sandra Ponce
We're trapped inside these bodies,
alone, frightened, pained.
No escape, no release,
everyday's the same.
How we long to unzip this flesh,
which traps, denies and drains,
and step into a better world,
from the one in which we came.
We look through different eyes now,
unsure of what we're seeing.
The feelings we had so long ago
are gone, forever fleeing.
Who's to take us seriously
when we try so to explain?
Who's to hear our screams at night?
Who's to feel our pain?
When will the spirit also leave?
When does the soul depart?
Is our mission now in life
hiding safely in our hearts?
Lord, give us the strength we need
to awaken each new day.
Let others find the cause, the cure,
please help them find a way.
Sandra Ponce, Founder of CPRC
Copyright 1997