Delving over some past memories
Some pleasant...then again some not.
Where in the present state do I bring to light
happiness and fulfillment?
Where in the present do I uncover peace?
Where in the present will I observe solitude?
Where in the present will I perceive love?

Give me the courage and strength to undo the past
Allow me some freedom to gaze past the pain
Keep my hopes and dreams from tragedy.
Bestow some change which will deal with the
relentless agony.

Find it in your heart to permit some joyfulness
before itís too late...
Some answers to inquiries placed in the
Some acknowledgment from those unscorned
by daily anguish...
Some understanding and compassion from those
who should have concern.

Why must I suffer a life filled with loneliness and anguish?
Why must I question why am I positioned on this earth?
Why must I support others in need?
Why must I continue to battle this deed?
These questions are unanswered, but hopefully soon....
Iíll once again find my dignity to surrender to love
and not doom.

(c) Maureen B. Hall


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