Given up n Saved

Given up at birth? Yes.
For a new life? Yes.
For a good life? Yes.
To be loved, nurtured and sheltered by
two wonderful parents.
Eleven months later a brother appeared
Yes, the jealousy commenced, but the love was still there.
At age five I asked...
Was I born or was I adopted?
I was lovingly answered...
You were chosen!
What is this? I asked..
We were fortuitous to have chosen you from
everyone else.
That is why you are so special!
Fittingly the years drifted by...
I began to realize how special..
In ways such as being blessed with:
two loving parents
beautiful home(s)
selfless acts of generosity
Yes, discipline of course.
Every opportunity one could wish for
Every opportunity one would need
Every opportunity one should have
Every opportunity one should receive
and the pleasure to give back.
Why do you always worry so, I asked..
because we are concerned for your welfare.
More distant down the road
I have everything I have ever desired..
Stable with a good home
Stable with good parents
Stable with good friends
Stable with good plans...
Suddenly this altered.
My mom was now alone
Now I found myself rather defenseless.
As I was asked to take care of her in someway
Bringing up my background again
Required some questioning of health
I uncovered all the unanswered questions, other siblings
and everyone else
Feelings of crashing came over me in more ways than one
I had returned from a journey
I was home safe once again
Crash,...yes I did
A massive off-road boulder I only recollect
It remains still a fog
My mom was now there again for me
And the Lord up above.
My mom, the guardian she always was
My mom, the guardian she will always be
My mom, the guardian I cherish and love.
Without life....I was unable to see.
Inappropriate and understanding relief
from ones who are trained to treat.
Where can I turn now
as my physical condition slips further away
The pain is debilitating and difficult to accept
I need my strength and endurance back
I know who can help
Whos always been MOTHER!
(c) by Maureen B. Hall