Imagine not being surrounded by your significant other
Not needing a soul to be co-dependent
Not suffering in distress by yourself
Not grieving over your future
Not planning your succeeding years
Not making all these dreams transpire
Then imagine me in pain and with true fear of being alone.
Think of all the vacation plans formed with friends
Of taking pleasure from one's company and gripping each other's hands
Of each other assisting during times in need
Of the other person at the moment their cries you hear
Of others when they need some solace and warmth
Of planning departure and joyous occasions
Then think of me now absent from any of these pleasures.
Remember when you were fortunate without any pain
When you were encircled by family and friends
When you had no endless misfortune, no suffering... no gloom
When all was carefree and far from despair
When life's pleasant moments were beckoning your door
Then remember me as I reflect my old life during isolation.
Together you will conquer each day as it arrives
You will stay near at hand and adjacent to one another
You will combine your strength into one
You will delight in each other's companionship
You will find harmony to move forward and exist
There is no togetherness for me...only solitude
With so much to give.
When hearing complaints concerning significant others
I am deeply saddened by these circumstances
Others we require in our lives to live
Others we treasure for eternity
Take a glance deep within your heart
Be thankful for another person
For if there is no one there to watch out for you...
Before long life is not worth living.

(c) By Maureen B. Black