In Loving Memory of NYSSA
Born May 12/04 and died May 11/05

Nyssa at a very young age (approx. 1 month) very tired Pup

Curious Little Nyssa as a Young Pup


(A tribute to NYSSA aka Newbee who resided at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota)

I groped, gambled and fought with all my might,
To keep them at bay as I secured my plight,
While following my trail and lunging at more than my tail,
I thought fearfully....the teasing and badgering cannot prevail.

I ferociously faught for my well-deserved dinner,
I fought until it appeared adequate enough,
I kept the others looking seemingly slimmer,
In order to merely and solely benefit myself.

I tricked them...I foiled them,
Although this wasn't received all that well.
I later ignored their infinite wisdom,
For their projected future plans I could not tell.

There were respectable, honourable times and bad,
Even while recuperating in the lab for only a few days.
I didn't realize my past antics and carelessness,
Would result in misfortune in so many ways.

We played, we ran on sunny, rainy and colder days,
We lounged, we chased, we slept and yes......we ate.
It would not be long before my mischievous ways,
Could mistakingly and regrettably seal my fate.

They were much wiser and some older,
Although believing I knew so much more,
The mournful day that I fled and teased them,
Changed the course of the wolf pack and sadness outpoured.

Some may feel I was born with the intent and fury,
To effortlessly educate and entertain the world.
Our missions and responsiblities are mysterious and God sent,
Although some feel indifferent or neutral and others oppose a jury.

On that prophetic night we scuffled and tussled,
And extended our white fangs so fierce.
That they ripped and punctured my youthful strong body,
With stern but unintentional rage to strike and pierce.

I laid myself down in mortal intense pain.
And cried out with a mournful audible sound.
My choice was to lay low and alone while gazed upon by bloodline,
Acceptive to wait as no one else seemingly.......was outbound.

A sense of warmth and peace came over me,
I had no reason to keep fighting.
The ones who loved, held and cared for me must say goodbye,
As my time has come decidedly early to finally set me free.

I love and cannot criticize my former extended family,
Althought at times we didn't see eye to eye.
I'll wait and secure an acreage of space for you in heaven,
But for now, although temporary, I'll say I love you and good-bye.

I was classed and beloved by many as only a baby,
Although my temper and fearlessness was well hidden.
My diversions and escapades frustrated so many,
A merciless lesson was taught, but my family must be forgiven.

M. Black (c) May 13, 2005

In Memory of Nyssa
May 12/04 - May 11/05

Nyssa Sleeping with her siblings as a young pup

Nyssa Chewing as a Pup

Nyssa relaxing on Observation Rock at IWC

Nyssa Sharing the Observation Rock at IWC April 29/05

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Maureen Black
To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul- Aldo Leopold