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For easier navigation of my website pages, mainly the Pain syndromes, Ilnesses, and Medical Conditions, I have  added a new "Table of Contents" for certain link pages.  The pages involved and subjects below are contained on only 3 main page from my website.

Below is only a "PORTION" of what the table of contents now contain.  All the links mentioned are already available on my site, and need to be continually sorted out when I find the proper time.

Only a partial breakdown of sites/urls on two pages from the SPSH website are described below.  This is only a sample and brief listing of what is contained on two pages, and many other conditions will also be added very shortly.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue - CFS/CFIDS
Chronic Pain
ME/FM links
Neurological Sites
Includes:   CMT
                 Peripheral Neuropathy

RSD Links
Guillain Barre Syndrome/CDIP
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Pain Analgesics Links
Online Pharmacies

Whiplash, Injury & Legal Sites:
Includes:  Whiplash Injuries
                 What is the Effect of Litigation
                 Auto Accident & Whiplash Injury
                 Cervical Whiplash
                 Whiplash Faqs
                 Fibromyalgia and Whiplash
                 Symptoms of TMD or TMJ
                 What is Whiplash

Pain Clinics
Canadian and American Pain Associations
Advocacy Lists for Chronic Pain
Addiction/Detox sites
Canadian Government Sites
Canadian Disability Sites
Includes:  Canadian Disability Benefits
                 Canadian Disabilities
                 Canadian Human Rights
                 National Library of Canada
                 Programs and Services
                 Federal Organization and Government
                 Provincial and Territorial Government
Varieties of Headaches:
Includes:  Muscle Construction
                 Cervocogenic and Migraines

Sites on Stress vs. Health
Includes:   Health Education. Stress, Depression, Anxiety, drug use
                 "Stress Scale"
                 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
                 Coping with Anger
                 Stress and Emotional Health
                 Senior World On-Line

Many RSD Sites: Also known as "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome"
includes:   RSD organizations
                 RSD Coalition
                 RSD Online
                 Descriptions, treatments, diagnosis


Canadian and American Medical Pain Associations
Includes:   Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons
                 NASAP - North American Society for Action on Pain
                 American Medical Association
                 Fibromyalgia Files Index
                 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
                 North American Chronic Pain Association of Canada
                 Pain Clinic description
                 Canadian Pain Society (CPS)
                 American Pain Society (APS)
                 Pain Link Home Page
                 Cancer Pain Education

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     April, 2000



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