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 Data, Links, Articles, Poems on Fibromyalgia,
Myofascial Pain Syndrome, RSD, Arachnoiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & All Chronic Pain Syndromes/Illnesses
As chronic pain patients, please stop physicians from practicing their antiquated and Neanderthal medicine and live in this present day and age. Many doctors obviously do not take the time to read their mail, attend medical meetings/lectures, update their education or improve their knowledge of many problems involving the human anatomy. We must question doctors and if they show limited interest, then we must move on to someone who cares. We also must learn more on our own by educating ourselves on these conditions. Veterinarians are and seem to be more humane than "some" of their other medical colleagues towards their patients. Are humans not permitted the same compassion? A sad example of these conditions is that most physicians and specialists do not believe we are not as ill as we claim because of our sometimes "NORMAL" outward appearance. Why should we have to look outside the waywe feel inside, even though it is a mask to cover up the pain? We also must accept a new lifestyle, which was not anticipated or expected, and at best difficult to deal with as in a grieving process. There are millions of North Americans afflicted with Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndromes, plus the daily chronic pain associated with these and a great number of debilitating conditions. Our doctors should take the time to research these conditions more thoroughly as we have done. Many web site pages should be printed and handed to our doctors/ specialists, and they should be accepting of this information and not frown on the decision we make in order for them to understand and learn more on the above mentioned crippling conditions. We, as patients, are conducting most of the research on all these issues for our healthcare practitioners. Turning a blind eye or a deaf ear cannot help patients seeking quality care. Being questioned by our doctors negatively is an insult to our intelligence and challenges our self-esteem, dignity, self-worth and emotional stability. We have as much right to be believed and heard as all others who display disabling medical and chronic conditions. They need to listen and be educated in all such matters.  This horrific pain and every crippling symptom we endure must be recognized and treated as best as possible via controlling the pain. Early evaluation by our physicians is the key to receiving proper treatment. The medical community healthcare and government agencies should acknowledge our dedication into changing outdated/conservative laws. Nothing will become productive, only remain a standstill. Acknowledge our pleas and dedicated work into changing some of these non-sensical regulations as our pain must END NOW and SOON!

Maureen B. Black





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Reversal of Life - Another Personal article
 Medical Associations
 Linksites on Many Chronic Pain Syndromes
 My personal Poems and Articles
 Animal Section on Wolves/Canine
 Odds and Ends/Miscellaneous
 Listening To Pain - SPSH members poems/stories
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Fibromyalgia: Now you See it, Now you Don't
by Kathy Lewis
2000 Chronic Pain Treatment Survey
Dr. Sarah Andreae-Jones
Understanding the Mind Body Connection in Chronic illness
by Robert Espinosa, C.Ht.:
:visit his website at:
Physicians Assessment Formwith permission by Dr. D. Starlanyl


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